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Tis the season to get scented


Here’s a clever idea. Why not evoke some Christmas nostalgia in your store this season?!

These easy to make Christmas decorations not only look divine, but will fill the air in your store with a long-lasting seasonal sweet & spicy fragrance.

You’ll need oranges, cloves and thin coloured ribbon (enough to wrap around your orange twice and a bit more). You’ll find all your finishing touches like bows, wraps and ribbons at reduced wholesale prices – right here.

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WBC’s Christmas ordering guide 2015


Getting ready for Christmas doesn’t have to be the nightmare we brace ourselves for each year. As you begin preparing and organising yourself, here is a handy guide of our top tips for ordering Christmas gift packaging, along with deadlines and useful things to know.

We hope it takes some of the stress out of the equation. If you have any questions we haven’t thought of, tweet usFacebook us, email us, or phone us on 08000 85 85 95, or simply leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.

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How to build an effective exhibition stand without killing someone

Look, few of us want to admit it but exhibiting at trade shows can be painful. If it isn’t painful for you, the chances are you have a whopping great budget, a million staff and little to do but scan people over the threshold occasionally; you lucky creatures.

But for the vast majority of independent producers, it’s ruddy hard work! And while the pain may not come close to that of child-birth, it comes in waves that seem to last far longer than any natural labour should – 3 days for example.

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Don’t forget New Year’s gifting opportunities

We hope you’re having a stonker of a Christmas sales season so far. But if your customers are anything like us, they won’t stop at Christmas, they’ll be partying well into the New Year.

So this is just a little heads up, to hammer home the point that opportunities for sales of gifts and hampers don’t just end on Christmas Day. There are corporate parties planned well into the New Year, and heaven only knows how many relatives to take a bottle round to. So here’s a little inspiration to help them gift it in style. A graphic monochrome palette that will keep your gift packaging fresh and on trend well into 2014.

From all of us at WBC,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Grow wild for National Gardening Week 15 – 21 April 2013

It has felt like summer may never actually come. But if you look out your window and squint your eyes really tight, you’ll see firm evidence that at least spring may finally be on its way. It has to be.

Regardless, National Gardening Week isn’t going to wait. It’s just one of a list of national awareness days that can serve as great ways (or legitimate excuses) to capture your customers imagination; and it’s not too late to get involved. We’ve put together a simple collection of green-fingered gift packaging ideas like wicker garden trugs and forest green jute bags. With just the smallest amount of imagination, and minimal time, use this year’s Gardening week to promote sales + increase impulse purchases.

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Franklins Farm Shop redressed & revamped

Nestled within the heart of a busy south east London suburb, Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Best Ethical Restaurant’ runner up, Franklin’s Restaurant, has grown a reputation for ethically sourced foods and fine gastro dining. WBC and Metamorphosis visited the farm shop and implemented a program of practical changes to the store‘s layout, demonstrating to Franklins’ owners that with next to no budget but a clearer understanding of the way consumers shop, they could in fact increase the average transaction value and footfall.

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Why printed ribbon makes sense for decorating hampers

Helen's Hampers - Personalised Luxury Gift Hampers

Let’s talk printed ribbon for a second.

Remember when you were forced to wear school uniform every day of your life and you had this love/hate relationship with it? You moaned about it of course, but then when it came down to it, there was something remarkably satisfying in not having to think about what you were going to wear every day. Well that’s printed ribbon for us.

One simple printed ribbon to dress all your hampers. It’s quite genius actually and WBC’s branding service is receiving more and more requests for it. Maybe standardisation calms us down or something, but order and uniformity appeals to many of us, and for the retailer, it gives your merchandising a harmonious visual appeal. Branding ribbon in your corporate colours, logo, name or message, reinforces your brand and gives it identity, a quick and cost effective way to turn generic  plus it just looks classy too.

Available in almost any pantone colour of your choice, below you’ll find our list prices, pantone colours and 5 reasons you should give personalised gift packaging a try. But first,   take a look at some recent companies that are using printed ribbon to dress their hampers. Evidence that some of the simple things in life don’t come free, but certainly look fabulous.

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